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“Israel Has a Military Option against Iran”

Israel, Ma'ariv

By Gideon Kutz

...the deadline for stopping the program completely must have passed, and therefore, the Israeli raid is to have solely tactical significance.


Translated by Viktoria Lymar

Edited by Steven Stenzler 


15 July 2012



The fresh French President addressed the possibility of an Israeli strike and warned that such an option would lead to global instability. “Iran will be humiliated in a confrontation with Israel.”


“Israel, unlike others, has a military option against Iran,” the President of France Francois Hollande said yesterday in a conversation with a Ma’ariv correspondent during a reception at the French Ministry of Defense in honor of the participants of the national Bastille Day parade. However, Holland repeated his warning that such an option might cause instability in the region and in the world. 

The President of France espouses the continued “dual-track approach”: tightening of the sanctions along with promising a nice reward to the Iranians and “bringing them back” to the bosom of the international community should they give up their military nuclear program. [...]

In the midst of the new French leadership that keeps spearheading the hard line of the European Union toward Iran, there prevails fatigue from Tehran’s ongoing dodging of conducting a serious negotiation. As a result, an Israeli offensive is brought up as a possibility in the discourse carried out in the French capital.


“An Israeli Attack Will Delay the Iranian Program”


A senior French official, dealing directly with the Iranian nuclear subject matter, told Ma’ariv: “If Israel strikes Iran, Iran won’t be able to respond adequately and will be humiliated in the confrontation with Israel. The Iranians know this, and hence all their fervor and threats.”

France and other countries taking part in the negotiations are angry about Iran’s demands “to expand the talks” and include in them, for instance, the Syrian subject. Contrary to the issue of Iran, there exists a disagreement on that matter between the Western powers and Russia and China, that do not hurry to support toppling the Assad regime.

Still, the French official opines that an Israeli assault could delay the Iranian program and mainly, the activities at the new nuclear site in Parchin for only a few months. According to his assessment, the deadline for stopping the program completely must have passed, and therefore, an Israeli raid is going to have solely tactical significance.


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