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The mission of this website is to promote an optimally peaceful, lasting solution to the Iranian nuclear situation through education, discussion and understanding. We hope to reach not only the general public, but policymakers at all levels, with the goal of helping them to make informed, prescient decisions. By doing so we hope to in some small way contribute to the alleviation of one of the most serious threats facing mankind today.  Despite this lofty goal, if we manage to provide even one person with a new perspective, or challenge someone to think critically about his or her assumptions, we will consider the site a success.

Who we are

Viktoria Lymar is an honors graduate from the Open University of Israel with a degree in political science, and a special focus on international relations, security and Middle East studies.

Her OUI Bachelor's degree culminated in two research papers -- on international intelligence cooperation in counterterrorism, and dealing with the Iranian threat -- both mentored by a leading Israeli nuclear and military expert Dr. Reuven Pedatzur Z"L.

With her natural flair for foreign languages, Viktoria has acquired unique experience during her over 10 years residing in Israel, and prior to that, among other things, while working at the Israeli Cultural Center in Odessa, Ukraine as the tutor of the OUI course “Government and Politics in the State of Israel” and taking an active part in the ICC Journalism Studio. She is an alumna of the Taglit program, combined with a seminar of the OUI best students in Israel (2001).

Following an intensive internship
as Senior Hebrew Translator for the website
Watching America, she felt a distinct call to turn her expertise and bring her personal contribution to the search for a favorable resolution to the Iranian predicament. Currently, Viktoria is also a distinguished online student at the world’s top universities via edX, Coursera, FutureLearn and other platforms – largely, gearing up for a PhD.


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