Don’t Rush to Apply for Foreign Passports!


Israel, Ma’ariv 

By Dr. Chelo Rosenberg 



…there will also be the forth and the fifth seasons of “Big Brother.” There is hope.


Translated by Viktoria Lymar


Edited by Steven Stenzler



8 February 2012



Iran won’t have a nuclear bomb in the near future; Russia and China will eventually surrender in the face of the West’s pressure, and the sanctions will affect Tehran very quickly. In other words: the devil is not so terrible.




To try to crack the Iranian riddle and estimate when it is finally going to be ready to cast an atomic bomb on Israel or other countries is a futile attempt. The flood of, ostensibly, reliable information that is washing the mass media creates a false impression, according to which tomorrow morning the Iranians are about to press the red button. But this is not the case: in the close future, Iran will not have a nuclear bomb.


The news reports incoming straight from Iran about naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, about testing long-range missiles able to reach everyplace in the world, aerial drills and land drills all of these are designed to conceal the loss of direction and steadily growing pressure on the Iranian leadership.

The radical rhetoric of Iran’s official speakers, expressions regarding Israel and the U.S. – all these are indications that Iran is losing control. However, there exists a clear interest of Israel and the countries of the free world to stop Iran from further developing nuclear capability.


To the credit of the [Israeli] Prime Minister and the Defense Minister, it should be said that they have succeeded, in a commendable manner, to also harness into this campaign both the U.S. and Europe. The Iranian nuclear bomb is not solely Israel’s business but rather the free world’s.

Iranian Leaders Are into Chess


As Iran increases its raving so keeps increasing the chance for tight cooperation between the countries of the free world toward imposing a blow on Iran. That doesn’t mean we’re talking an immediate military strike. The economic impact is going to result in undermining the Iranian regime from within. This is a historical development that can’t be stopped by any existent force in the world. The leaders of Iran have been put in checkmate.


It may be that the announcement by the president of Iran about doubling the defense budget is just another one of his grand statements, but it’s certainly possible that he’ll do so. This is one of the characteristics of totalitarian regimes trying to protect themselves. This is a move that is also likely to topple them. Iranian authorities are not immune from this historical phenomenon. To all these must be added the influence of the economic ostracism imposed on Iran.  

The U.S. and Europe are planning to follow the sanctions. Iran is going to find itself in a situation where, one day, it turns out that the economy has collapsed. The eyes of the authorities are incapable of looking at the whole picture. They have entered into a deterministic process that is to lead them to the abyss.

Anyway, the economic state of affairs in Iran is very bad, and as time passes by, it’s going to be even worse. The fermentation will begin from inside, exactly like it happened in other Arab countries. The only way for the Iranian ruling circles to cope with the social unrest would be firing into the crowds. Yes, this is a very similar situation to that in Egypt and Syria.


What’s Displayed on the Outside Is Not the Entire Truth


Outwardly, it appears as if there’s a substantial disagreement between Israel and the U.S. concerning Iran’s future. The truth is different: the dispute between Israel and the U.S. on the Iranian issue is only concerning a military attack now or in the short term, before all the sanctions are exhausted. While at the same time, there really is a very intensive dialog going on between the two countries.

The visit of the U.S. Defense Secretary and the Joint Chief of Staff Chairman in Israel, the secret visit of the Mossad chief to the U.S. and many other maneuvers demonstrate that on the subject of the military solution in Iran, Israel and the U.S. are conducting very intensive contacts.

What is being presented externally is not necessarily the whole truth. It could be targeted disinformation having the purpose of getting Iran and its allies out of balance.

Russia and China carry on an inglorious tradition of sweeping opposition to everything what the West sought to do. In spite of this, they won’t be able to withstand, over time, the duress of the U.S. and Europe. A glimpse into history will prove that.

Israeli citizens do not have to run and obtain foreign passports. They can be sure there will also be the forth and the fifth seasons of “Big Brother.”* There is hope.


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* HaAh HaGadol (2008–present) is the Israeli version of Big Brother reality-television series