The Real Threat upon Us 



By Moshe Feiglin


Israel has focused its efforts in exhibiting the Iranian problem as the global problem rather than its very own problem. It’s been a terrible conceptual error...


Translated by Viktoria Lymar 

Edited by Steven Stenzler


19 February 2012  


The primary weapon used by the Germans had been existential delegitimization. Strategically, such a delegitimation is far more dangerous than any nuclear weapon – for its practical translation is only a matter of time.


Three years have passed since the formation of the government that defined neutralization of the Iranian nuclear menace as the first and the most important among its challenges – and Iran has still been progressing towards its objective.

Despite the online attacks and the computer bugs, despite the assassinations and the odd blasts, and above all – in spite of all the international efforts, the Iranian bomb is taking shape. From North Korea, we learn that a totalitarian and determined regime that decides to arrive at the bomb, will arrive there even if the residents’ living standard drops to a zero.

Three years have gone by – and the military/political ability to attack the bomb has become way harder. The quantum leap, or rather, getting over the first step, took place a year and a half ago when the reactor in Bushehr was activated. That is, the Iranian reactor turned “hot” during the current government’s rule, and the outcome of its bombardment as of today would no longer be like the results of the air raid on the Iraqi or Syrian reactors. The consequences of bombing Bushehr today are similar to Chernobyl1, – namely, to casting a nuclear bomb, with all that it entails.

Overcoming the second step became apparent recently when the Wall Street Journal published an estimate of the Pentagon experts that the largest bunker-buster bombs at the U.S. disposal would be incapable of penetrating the depths of the mountain and stopping the uranium enrichment plant in the city of Qom

The Wall Street [Journal] has reported nothing much new. Already over two years ago, the Defense Minister told from the Knesset2 tribune that when the facility is completed, it would be impossible to halt its activity by means of conventional weapons. Well, – everything was known in advance, and nevertheless, the site has been finished – and indeed, it is beyond possible as of the moment to destroy it without resorting to nuclear weapons.

Does it look to anyone that Benjamin Netanyahu intends to employ nuclear weapons in the case the world pressure on Iran bears no fruit?

Israel has lost its legitimation for the sovereign existence


To present the fact that the international sanctions against Iran have increased in several stages, as an achievement of the Israeli government – is the most severe mistake. The opposite is correct! Israel has focused its efforts in exhibiting the Iranian problem as the global problem rather than its very own problem.

 It’s been a terrible conceptual error which has led to that Iran is about to have a bomb anyway – while Israel has lost its legitimacy for its sovereign existence and it’ll be pushed to give up on its most vital assets in an attempt to forge a coalition that would do a job for it. One who is not ready to defend himself does not have a right to exist – surely not in the Middle East

It should be noted that should there be a global offensive on Iran, we’re going to absorb the missile barrage on Israel at any rate – like it was during the first Gulf War – and after it, we’re going to pay a heavy price for entrusting the American and British soldiers to safeguard our lives – just like we got Madrid and Oslo after that Gulf War…

The opponents of the assault in the cabinet should be explained one more time that examining the issue through the keyhole of mere technical cost-benefit [considerations], is far from providing a genuine picture of the gruesome reality. The nuclear risk is not the greatest risk to the existence of the State of Israel. One third of our nation had been annihilated in Europe – with no nuclear weapons. The principal weapon the Germans made use of was an existential delegitimization

From the strategic standpoint, such a delegitimation is much more perilous than any nuclear weapons – because its actual translation is only a matter of time – with or without a nuke…


They Prefer Chamberlain over Churchill


When a leader of a sovereign state announced that his intent is to wipe the country out, the world gapped its mouth wide open in stupefaction and looked forward to Israeli response. Since none followed, and no turning point happened in Iran, that question mark reappeared to hang over the Jewish right to breathe the air of the blue planet.

It’s worth paying attention that the rise of anti-Semitism and the question of the Jews’ right to a state – a question asked nowadays in the reputable academies of the West, and on the whole, loss of the existential legitimacy of Israel – all of these came not before the world realized that we are capable of living with the disclosed intention to destroy us.

The Iranian Amalek3 and the German Amalek acted exactly like the Biblical Amalek did. They declared on us an existential war, they were willing to pay the price and negated our legitimacy in the eyes of the nations. The Holocaust hasn’t begun with the outbreak of the big war – but rather in Hitler’s hate-filled speeches (may his name be blotted out) and propaganda a la Der Sturmer4.

What Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon5 and his buddies opposed to the strike do not understand, – is that Israel should attack openly in order to regain its legitimacy for its very existence. Israel must restore the equation saying that someone who plans to eliminate it [the State of Israel], turns himself into a legit target for elimination. It’s him who loses his right to breathe the air on the globe. He – in the most personal way, without hiding behind countries, and reactors, and armies. Neither Bushehr nor Qom are the main target – but instead, every plane, and every car, and every building where the heads of the Iranian regime are [to be found].

I know – our frightened citizens now prefer Chamberlain rather than Churchill. It would do good explaining to them that a nuclear Iran means a new Middle East – a true Pax Irana surrounding us from all the sides, and the war that would dwarf whatever we’ve been through in the past, compared to it. 

It’ll do good to keep in mind that if only the British had Churchill when Hitler was small yet, – the lives of 74 million people would have been spared – including six million Jews.


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1. Nuclear disaster that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, with catastrophic quantities of radioactive contamination released into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. Widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being Fukushima).

2. Israeli parliament

3. Biblical: in Jewish tradition, the Amalekites – a people, descendants of an ancient tribal chief Amalek – came to represent the archetypal enemy of the Jews.

4. Der Stürmer (lit. "The Stormer"/"The Attacker") – a weekly tabloid Nazi newspaper published from 1923 to the end of WWII in 1945, - a significant part of the Nazi propaganda machinery; was vehemently anti-Semitic.

5. Currently Israeli Vice Prime Minister and  Minister of Strategic Affairs, formerly Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces; member of the Knesset for [Netanyahu’s] Likud political party.

6. The Hebrew text on the picture says: Human Rights Council