The Nuke Economy



By Uri Redler 


In order to understand Iran’s behavior, we have to pull Israel out of the equation.  


Translated by Viktoria Lymar

Edited by Steven Stenzler 


23 February 2012 


Iran needs nuclear weapons – from its vantage point, of course – not in order to eliminate Israel, but rather in order to seize control over the resources of the Persian Gulf states.


The eyes of Iran are fixed on the big prize. Tehran’s threats to stop the oil exports to France and Britain, and afterwards perhaps to other European countries, is the last round in the tactical campaign of deception and fraud whose purpose is to buy time and bring the Iranians to the nuclear point of no return. A tactical battle for the sake of strategic goals.

In order to understand Iran’s behavior, we have to pull Israel out of the equation. There’s no economic, diplomatic or political sense in Iran’s tremendous investment in the development of nuclear weapons solely to threaten Israel. The Iranian policy of intimidation and promises indicates that what’s guiding its leaders – is logic. Israel may be a target, but it is certainly not a par excellence target.

Iran’s true objectives are different and way more dangerous. A nuclear Iran means, first and foremost, prevention of foreign interference in the case of domestic rebellion. Moreover, nuclear arms are perceived in the eyes of the Iranians as a shortcut to the status of a superpower. Seemingly, there is something far-fetched in Ahmedinejad’s dreams of empire – at a time when he’s unable to take care of the normal meat supply in Tehran. From the economic perspective, however – there is a great logic to the nuclear option. The nuclear capability – they are positive in Tehran – will allow the country to acquire control of attractive assets. The Iranians, naturally, don’t have enough means and knowledge to establish an army of occupation, and therefore, maintenance of nuclear weapon is considered by them to be the only way available to turn Iran into a ruler of the Persian Gulf, and gradually transform Iraq, Arab Emirates, Abu DhabiQatar, and Kuwait into its protectorates. Such a state of affairs will enable Iran to be in command of transferring nearly 20% of global oil production.

Iran has set its eyes on the oil booty – however, it turns a blind eye to history. Countries seeking to achieve conquest through threats and basing their economic strategy on looting can never be satisfied with merely threatening. Sooner or later, the method of extortion, even under the auspices of nuclear capacity, is to exhaust itself. From here, a war is to start. It would do good bringing to mind a historical anecdote: in 1936, Nazi Germany was under a regime of rationing. Hitler was preoccupied with the thoughts of how to provide butter for the hungry Germans. His solution was the manufacturing of cannons. 3 years later, World War II broke out...


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Note: the Hebrew text on the picture says: “We’re out of meat. Would you like something else?”